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We are super specialist Voice Over Service providers for Small Businesses and other related services globally. Find a suitable voice owner for your business, today.

Welcome to VoiceOwner.Com

For Presentations

Our Real Human Like Synthetic Speech Technology voices are best suitable for your Presentation narrations. Let not the robotic voice overs kill the quality of your high end Corporate and Small Business Presentations.

For Advertisements

Let it be TV commercials or Radio Commercials, our Real Human like Voice overs will help you to cope up with your limited budgets, without getting compromised in quality.  Audio Ads are more popular on websites also.

For Videos

Presently, whole world knows the importance of Video for any business. That too for Small Business where the competition is really high, Videos will make huge difference. But, website visitors only like high quality videos.



Voice Over for Gyms and fitness.


Voice overs for Consultants.


Voice overs for Corporates


Voice over for eCommerce Industry

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